There is no mistake in saying that “Antichrist” is the most daring work by Lars von Trier, the second film of his recent “Trilogy of Depression” (Melancholia and Nymphomaniac the other 2 titles) is a hard punch in the stomach, a knife stab, a kick in the teeth. Divided in a prologue (a pure work of art, beautifully framed in black and white slow motion) and four chapters, Grief, Pain, Despair and The Three Beggars, this film leaves no room to breathe, since its very beginning the movie hit the viewer hard and painfully, the content is strong, often repulsive but also captivating and undeniable beautiful cinema made by a director like no others. Lars von Trier is also the writer of this movie, and this seriously make you think that something seriously strange must going on in his mind, no offense intended. The story is basically based on 2 characters only, He and She (Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg) and their descent into hell. It offers a wide range of haunting images, astonishing photography, symbolism and eerie landscapes which recall Andrei Tarkovsky’s masterpiece Stalker (the movie is actually dedicated to Tarkovsky). The main soundtrack theme (Lascia ch’io pianga from Handel’s opera Rinaldo) marvelously match the images and contribute to bring you into this nightmarish journey to the most unimaginable destination, Antichrist breaks any barriers and overpass any boundaries, this movie shows something never seen before in cinema, it will stay with you for long time, this is disturbing cinema at its very best but this is also an amazing work of art; a truly shocker.

Vote: 8/10