A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night” (what a title) is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. This is a movie that should be watched without taking in consideration anything you may have read about, some people complain about its slow pace, some others point out that as a “horror” it lacks of the normal ingredients a horror movie should have, but these judgements shouldn’t be applied to this particular movie; A girl walks home… is first of all an astonishing artwork, pause this movie randomly, anytime you feel like, and then watch the photograph in front of you. Each single frame of this movie could be a photograph hanged in an art gallery, it’s a pure visual pleasure for the eyes. It takes place in the imaginary “Bad City” and tells the story of a girl that (as the title suggests) walks home alone at night; during her night walks she will encounter/interact with the characters shown previously in the other subplots who go along the main story. This is basically it, this Iranian movie has a lot of silence, a wonderful eerie atmosphere and a totally amazing and effective soundtrack; it blends many genres in his unique style, it has some aspects of an horror movie (the way the girl walks alone at night is very creepy, especially at the beginning of the movie), also some aspect of a western movie (the night confrontation between the girl and the person on the other side of the road as if it was some kind of “duel”) but it never go totally into the horror genre, perhaps the story has been made purposely to go slow, it’s a slow burner which never manage to totally explode. But why should it? While everyone will agree that this is a masterpiece visually speaking, not everyone will on how good this film is, it’s one of those audience-divider, a different kind of cinema who goes outside the standard we are used to, give it a chance, no matter what you heard about it before.

Vote: 8/10