Debut movie by Indian filmmaker Karthik Subbaraj couldn’t be better. “Pizza” is a film full of twists and unexpected turns, which manage to surprise you and keep you entertained until the last minute. Never boring, it manages to change few genres during its 2 hours length; since its releasing in 2012 (Tamil language), it has already been remade twice, in 2013  under the title of “Whistle” (Kannada language) and in 2014 under the same title (Hindi language). Considering all the remakes made so far (also of bad movies), how come nobody has made a remake of this one in English language? This movie is a little gem, an unexpected surprise, something you should better watch without knowing too much about it. The plot revolves around this couple (a pizza delivery guy and his fiancée, an aspiring horror novelist) and their everyday life. One day, during a pizza delivery, something out of the ordinary happen, from this moment on nothing will be the same than before; here begins the second part, where the film takes few unexpected turns and change drastically the whole atmosphere. Subbaraj’s first full length movie is a very popular one in India but not known enough in the rest of the world as it would deserved, it definitely has all the cards to be successful worldwide, a great acting performance, a very entertaining plot and plenty of surprises to be discovered along the way; what else do you need from a movie? Highly recommended for basically everyone, especially those who like to watch subtitled foreign movies, also fans of horror, thriller, suspense will enjoy this one big time. Not to be missed.

Vote: 8/10