Undoubtedly one of the best horror movies recently made, it’s about a girl who receives a “curse” after a sexual intercourse; the curse is that somebody (could be anybody, someone you know or a total stranger) will follow you anywhere you are, you can pass the curse to someone else with another sexual encounter but if someone will die the curse will get back to the previous “owner”. Simply or complex enough but this is the main line of this movie, which almost feature no adults, also it’s not clear which period of time we are talking about, could be the present, could be the 1980s, it shows a fantastic photography and an even more brilliant soundtrack composed by Disasterpiece. The story may goes a bit slow but it’s never boring, not even for a second, it has a lot of tension and expectation, you never know if something will happen or not and you won’t be able to get away from the plot until the very end of the movie. A simple tale of horror which reminds in some aspects John Carpenter’s Halloween, no jump scares, no gory effects but a wonderful composition of images, storyline and sounds which bring this movie at the very top of the recent horror movies, for the fans of the genre this is totally unmissable.

Vote: 8/10