Shin’ya Tsukamoto’s “Kotoko” is a visually disturbing film definitely not for everyone. It tells the story of a single mom who’s suffering of double vision, every person in front of her eyes appears twice, and she’s not able to recognize which one is real and which one is not. When things get even more complicated she decided to leave his son in custody to her sister to work out her issue without putting his son in danger. Here the story evolves, and things get from bad to worst, there is almost no break in this rollercoaster of insanity, the camera follows the main character very closely, putting the viewer in a creepy and unsettling position, lot of shaky camera which surprisingly works pretty well and the almost lack of soundtrack or sound in general, contributes to give to the movie a nerve-wreaking experience. Fabulous story, great acting and great acapella singing by the main actress, Cocco, who is also a well known pop singer in Japan. There are no weak points in this movie, easily one of the best movies watched this year, in it’s genre a pure modern masterpiece.

Vote: 9/10