One of the most waited horror movies of the year, “The Witch” or “The VVitch”, it’s a folktale about a family during the 17th century in New England. Banished from the community they were living in, a man, his wife and his 4 children go to live in the middle of the woods, the family does its best to be self-sufficient before the winter is coming, but times were tough and religion and superstitions were very powerful in that period, little by little the family will have to face many adversities and consequently will start questioning each other’s faith, especially the oldest daughter’s, who, according the youngest boy and girl (twins), is a witch. Is she? Eggers’ debut film is a great one, maybe not a pure horror as people expected but a very powerful dark story of the fall of a puritan family into hysteria during an old-fashioned period of superstitions. A great scenario, a great acting performance by the father and the oldest daughter and a very powerful soundtrack. To be appreciated at its best, this movie needs subtitles, the language they speak is Old English and it’s easy to miss important dialogues. Maybe it’s not a big scarier as it was advertised, but it’s a tense and beautiful story which could be also reach a wider audience outside the horror aficionados. Definitely recommended for everyone who enjoy historical/period films with a twist of supernatural.

Vote: 8/10