The Brothers Goetz’s remake of Pascal Laugier’s 2008 original has been basically destroyed since the day it was announced. It definitely had a heavy load to carry since it is quite challenging, if not too daring, to remake such a treasure as Laugier’s; but more than appreciate their attempt it is quite fair to say that this is actually a very well made film with a very consistent and fluid storyline which keep the viewer entertained for all its 86 minutes. The story is about a young girl, Lucie, that after a traumatic childhood experience befriended Anna in the orphanage where they both grew up. Many years later, Lucie will plan a revenge against the people who abducted her as a child. It carries the burden to be a remake, a quite remarkable one, and this is the main reason why it become instantly penalised by a movie that certainly had more consistency than this one, perhaps the original idea and the extra creepiness that it may lack here, the Brothers Goetz have certainly “americanized” (especially at the end) the whole story but on the other hand have offered some extra insights, as the childhood friendship between the 2 main protagonists, which is much more developed, and a visually astonishing ending. This is probably less disturbing than the original (the 2 endings are miles away between each other) but it is still a  very strong and sinister viewing experience. Those unaware of Laugier’s cannot be disappointed, lovers of the original can, but it is honest to say that the movie is way above the many releases in the horror genre, yes it’s a remake but a very good one.

Vote: 7/10