From the prologue, before the story begins divided by chapters, you immediately realise that this is going to be a great movie. A police investigation on a murder in the “Love Hotel” area, a rich district where the prostitute operate. The victim has been cut into pieces and reassembled with mannequin parts. A famous writer’s wife is spending all her days at home while her husband works elsewhere, the boredom and the everyday routine tasks lead the woman to discover a totally different world she couldn’t have imagined existing. Sounds already pretty weird, right? Sion Sono’s cinema always involves elements of weirdness and “Guilty Of Romance” is no exception. It’s a eccentric tale of desperation told over 2 hours of great cinematography, it features a very effective classical soundtrack and a murder mystery plot where you won’t know until the end who’s the killer and who’s the victim. It has some disturbing and unsettling moments but it all presented in a sort of delicate and poetic way, both strong and subtle at the same time, it’s definitely an enjoyable watch; fans of extreme Asian cinema cannot miss this one.

Vote: 7/10