A group of friend experience something out of the ordinary during a dinner party while a comet is passing by. Without saying more, because this is a movie to be watched without knowing a single thing, we have a 90 minutes mystery thriller who keep you wondering until the end what it is happening. Good dialogues and good acting, mainly filmed inside a house, this movie it’s a pleasant surprise and definitely something different to watch. Somehow it reminds an episode of The Twilight Zone but with a much more developed plot and a better dialogues and acting. This could be easily represented as a theatrical play since the scenario is quite minimal. The story is the main feature here and once in a while it’s good to praise a movie, not for his budget, cast or special effects, but for the story that is telling. A very intriguing one worth to check it out. A little jewel made with a low budget and a not well known cast, highly inspiring for filmmakers and highly entertaining for any viewer.

Vote: 8/10