A deranged and alcoholic father while searching for his missing daughter discovers disturbing truths about her life; Tetsuya Nakashima tells this story in a very strong and unsettling composition of gore, animation, fast paced music and undoubtedly beautiful cinematography. It’s a rollercoaster to insanity with no way back, as the minutes pass the movie gets weirder, stronger and totally unpredictable. Everything will be shown little by little but with a constantly growing crescendo of intensity. But overall, apart for the visual aspect, this film lacks of something to make it memorable. Perhaps the story goes too far, too fast, too dark and too weird, perhaps it should had some mellows scenes to let the viewers take a breath; this is something that everyone could interprets in his own way, it’s overall an interesting watch, recommended to fans of the genre and to everyone in search of an aggressive movie or an intense and kind of shocking visual experience. Pure furious evil cinema. Nasty stuff.

Vote: 6/10