After a car accident, a woman who was leaving her husband, wakes up in a underground bunker owned by a man who claims that there has been a nuclear attack which has contaminated the air above. In this bunker we are introduced to the third character of this film, which features a very minimal cast and a powerful intense plot that keep you totally glued to it until the very end. Easily one of the most entertaining movies released so far in 2016; it has a beautiful beginning in telling how the woman leaves her husband without any spoken words, but with a clever use of a self-explanatory images supported by a spot-on soundtrack. It grows as you watch and won’t take your interest away for all its length, trailers and synopsis should be avoided at all costs, a great experience if you don’t know anything and still a very good one if you know already something about the plot. A very well made thrilling movie with some mild/strong scenes but a quite safe watch for basically everyone.

Vote: 7/10