The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover (in this case a movie)” fits perfectly the description for Jon Knautz’s film “Goddess of Love”. What initially looks like a cheap sleazy bad thriller turns out to be a very entertaining suspense tale with a little bit of horror elements. The story is about a stripper who fell in love with a rich man, but her happiness doesn’t last long as she began to suspect very quickly that he has an affair with another woman. Right, not a very appealing plot, isn’t it? Instead we have a story that goes much deeper, a tale of jealousy and obsession that keep the viewer entertained with a right dose of suspense and creepiness. The acting is good and the narrative goes fluid until the very end, this is not a movie that will make history and perhaps it has never meant to be, but it’s a pleasant surprise for all fans of thriller and suspense genre. There are few scary moments and a good level of realism, the characters are believable and your interest will stay right on point as the story will unfold. A pleasant surprise, with much more content than many other similar movies made with higher budget and better known cast.

Vote: 6/10