This Finnish historical horror set in the year 1595 it’s about 2 brothers on a march to the border after the conclusion of a long war between Russia, Finland and Sweden. The brothers have completely different personalities and during this journey they will have to face many adversities, the cold, the visions of a woman they left behind and the constant growing tension between them. Shot in a beautiful scenario surrounded by mountains, in between reality and imagination, this movie has an effective use of sounds and a very eerie atmosphere. A very different horror movie, which plays less with the gory effect and more with the mystery and the feeling of desolation in a raw and wild landscape dominated by nature. Despite the action, which is present, the story has a kind of slow pace and demands your attention but in exchange of that, it offers a spectacular photography and a very interesting storyline. The movie reaches its best when the sauna appears on their journey. The sauna is an odd and sinister building in the middle of a swamp and does not match at all with the landscape seen so far, according to the mythology this sauna was used to “wash the sins away” from people. A complex and intrigued plot which requires more concentration than the average horror movie, but overall an interesting watch and a definitely worth mentioning film in the latest productions of Scandinavian cinema.

Rate: 6/10