During a dinner party, a man suspects that his ex-wife and her new husband have sinister intentions against him. This is basically the plot of Karyn Kusama’s new movie “The Invitation”. Of course the story is much deeper than that but it will be revealed in small doses, allowing the viewer to discover what this is all about little by litte. Mystery, suspense and a little bit of uneasiness will follow the spectator for all the length of the film and it’s not always easy to predict what it is happening.  A good script and dialogues make sure that you stay right in the story, which gets better and better as soon as new details are revealed. It’s a kind of psychological thriller with  a slow pace and a little splash of horror, it takes references to lot of other films you may have seen before, but this is not necessary a bad point. The soundtrack and sound effects are appropriate and work quite well with the story; it’s overall a pleasant watch, quite intense and never really boring. To be watched without too many expectations and as all thrillers, the less you know the better is.

Vote: 6/10