Roman Polanski certainly needs no introduction but this movie may does. One of the earliest work, Polanski’ second full-length film it’s a psychological horror beautifully shot in black and white in London. Tells the story of a young girl left alone in the apartment while her sister is on holiday with her boyfriend. It’s about the girl’s phobias and hallucinations due a traumatic past not completely revealed; it goes kind of slow in terms of pace, but it’s a definitely interesting story well composed that shows already the great potential of a great film director. Features a young Catherine Deneuve in the role of Carol Ledoux, the plot is based on a screenplay that Polansky co-wrote with Gerard Brach, it was made with a small budget but the final result is an effective story full of details to be found and with a claustrophobic feeling especially in the apartment scenes, where the majority of the film takes place. Recently released in Blu-Ray, this film is a must watch for all the fans of the director and a satisfying experience for those who like art movies with some twisted aspects.

Vote: 6/10