There has been a lot of expectation and curiosity regarding Jeremy Saulnier’s new movie “Green Room”, probably one of the most waited films of 2015; as soon as it was announced it and the first trailers became available you could immediately see that this was going to be a very good one, despite not showing anything really new, Green Room is a great thriller which turns a bit gory; it offers a very intense viewing and it captivates the audience almost since the very beginning. It’s about a young punk band that finds a gig in a skinhead-nazi club and by accident, witness something they shouldn’t have in the Green Room, which is the room where the artist usually rest and get ready before and after the show. From this moment on, this film is a non-stop cat & mouse chase, the acting is very solid and there is no really any room to get bored. Filled with dark humor and intensity, Green Room is a highly entertaining story that will hardly disappoint the viewer, features a loud soundtrack and a fast-action pace, definitely one to watch and one to remember the director’s name for his next release.

Vote: 7/10