If you’re already familiar with Nicolas Winding Refn’s movies (Drive, Only God Forgives, Valhalla Rising) you will be already aware that this is not going to be the kind of movie that any casual viewer would like. The director’s visionary style is very evident also in his new movie “The Neon Demon”, which tells the story of a young aspiring model who moves to L.A. with the intent to make a career in the fashion world. Narrated with slow pace and filled with brilliant visual details, The Neon Demon is a stylish dark horror film which manages to capture the viewer’s attention from the start and will deliver plenty of surprises along the way. Despite few exceptions, the characters of the movies are not at all likable, but this aspect add a sense of realism to the story; it’s a tale of jealousy and obsession for beauty, with a well appropriate soundtrack and a great cinematography, a pure visual treat for the eyes. Mildly disturbing as the plot evolves, The Neon Demon won’t be a movie that everybody will love it, some will find it pretentious and shallow, others captivatingly beautiful, a movie to be loved or hated but definitely not ignored.

Vote: 8/10