It is almost impossible to believe that what it is narrated in this movie actually happened. And as the story evolves, it is even more unbelievable that the events went in that particular way, but let’s start from the beginning. During a Friday night, the manager of a fast food fried chicken chain called ChickWich (does it exists?), receive a phone call from a policeman who claims that one of her employee has stolen money to a customer. What it follows is actually something much more sinister than a theft, but if you haven’t watch it yet it’s better to not reveal any other details. This is a movie that everyone should watch and think about. You won’t stop asking yourself “has this really happened?”, you can search the news on the internet for the confirmation and you will find that the real incident took place on April 9th 2004, in a McDonald’s restaurant in Mount Washington, Kentucky (at the end of the movie there are actually some footage of the real people), but even though, will be still very hard to believe. A film that keep the viewers totally glued until the end, shockingly surprising and often hard to watch or to accept. Not the kind of movie to be watched twice, also because once you know the story there won’t be much more to praise. Shot mainly in one location with good acting and a good tension this film is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. It should be watched without too much expectations and if possible without knowing nothing at all.

Vote:  6/10