If Don Cheadle’s “Miles Ahead” was about a fictional trumpet player instead of being a portrait of a moment in Miles Davis’ life, things would have been different. This movie could be praised for its action, interesting story, well acting and great Jazz soundtrack; and all these things are actually in the film, which let’s be honest, it’s quite a good one. The only concern is about Miles Davis. Does this film showing a fair image of the Jazz legend? And maybe more than this, has this story really happened? Films about musicians and artists are never easy, Don Cheadle is a big Miles Davis fan and he has probably planned this tribute from years but some aspects of this movie are not credible as a biographical story. Cheadle portraits Davis as a gangster type and a bit as a fool. In other words, it’s an enjoyable and very well made movie but it’s not very clear why it has to be about Miles. If you are expecting from this film to discover something about the man with the trumpet, you will be definitely disappointed; instead if you are looking for a fast paced thriller with some great soundtrack, then this is the right movie. The music in this film is of course great but the lacking point is that the final result is not a film about music and neither about a musician, so what?

Vote: 6/10