A couple of filmmakers go undercover in a cult with the intent of making a documentary and revealing that the cult leader is actually a fraud. When the movie starts, we are already inside the cult and the 2 undercover guys have already obtained their trust and they have been selected, amongst few others, to meet the leader; a woman who claims to come from the future. Shot mainly inside one room this movie features an eerie atmosphere and a plot that make you guessing what will happen next. It is simply made and it may leave you with few questions at the end of the story, but overall it’s a nice and intriguing watch, on the edge between thriller and horror, this psychological tale could be suitable for anyone, you won’t find much action or jump scares or even any memorable moments, since the all plot is mainly based on the mystery of the enigmatic cult leader. A movie to be watched without too many expectations, it’s a slow story but could be quite engaging for the fans of the genre.

Vote: 6/10