Gaspar Noé’s “Love” is about the relationship between a young American aspiring filmmaker and an ambiguous girl called Electra. They meet in Paris and it’s where the story takes place. Gaspar Noé never make movies easy to watch but this time he may has gone a bit too far. Filled with explicit and unsimulated sex scenes (arguable if all those scenes were necessary to the story), the director presents a dark and extremely depressing tale of love and passion. Told back and forth in time, Love is an explicit and brutal story of something that went totally wrong. Beautifully filmed and presented, (no one is arguing about the director’s skills and knowledge), this movie is a hard punch in the face. It’s nasty, rude and ferocious but also very well acted and realistic. A long movie (2 hours and 15 minutes) which is worth to watch if you already known the director’s cinema, probably not the best movie to watch if you haven’t seen any of his other films; he was the guy who made the 2002 shocker “Irreversible” but he’s also known for “I Stand Alone” and “Enter The Void”. If these titles are familiar to you, then you already know what to expect from this one. It’s called Love but we are a bit far from a love story, it’s a disturbing portrait of a passion and the consequences of it, this is something you won’t forget straight away but if you like challenging and daring movie, then give it a go. For adults only.

Vote: 7/10