Three stories intersect in Jennifer Lynch’s Mystery Thriller “Surveillance”. It’s a weird one but it’s also quite enjoyable to watch, in between Twin Peaks and a early Coen brothers movie, Surveillance offers odd dialogues, dark humor and a little bit of horror. It’s about two FBI cops who travel to a desolate region to help the local police with a unresolved murder case. The story grows on you since the beginning and it not that easy to guess what’s next (or maybe is it?). Produced also by her dad David, Jennifer Lynch shows us with Surveillance the best movie she has made so far, if you remember how disappointing and hollow her first movie was (Boxing Helena), in this one we have at least a much more solid story, interesting and very bizarre dialogues, maybe not great acting, but she’s obviously shown that she’s improved a lot as a film director. Visually it’s good, you may find few flaws and holes in the plot but it’s a overall decent watch for all fans of mystery and thriller genres.

Vote: 6/10