It is very challenging for a movie to stand out in the “demon-possession” genre, there are millions already made, some good, lots bad and many pointless. For this reason you may hardly get excited for another release in this particular subgenre of horror movies. But fortunately this is not the case. “Ava’s Possessions” is a very refreshing surprise, it starts with the performance of an exorcism during the titles and yes, it may makes you think “here we are again”. But then when the movie properly begins the exorcism has already happened and the story is focus on the process of recovery of a young girl who has been indeed possessed. With almost no memories of what has happen, the main character will join a demon-rehab support group where she will meet other people who has suffered of the exact same thing, in the group Ava will befriend a girl named Hazel who actually enjoyed a lot being possessed and she’s missing her demon very much. Being a not very popular film (don’t know why), you may read bad reviews on this one but Ava’s Possessions absolutely deserves a chance. A different horror, filled with humor and great scenes, there is no real space to get bored here, Louisa Krause is brilliant in the role of Ava and so is Wass Stevens in the role of Tony, the leader of the rehab group. In between a horror and an absurd satire, Ava’s Possessions is a vibrant and different take in the genre and it’s truly recommended.

Vote: 7/10