“30 Beats” isn’t a great movie but it has something interesting for which it may be worthy to check it out. Basically the camera moves from one character to another, making this movie a story without a main leading role actor. It is indeed quite unusual and for this reason this movie stands out, not for the story itself which is almost absent, there is no real a plot but various slices of life that each character shows to the viewer. Alexis Lloyd’s filming technique and some familiar faces in the cast save a poor plot and make it quite entertaining to watch, the dialogues are ok and the acting isn’t memorable but on the other hand there is a very surprising upbeat soundtrack which fits pretty well with the story. Set in the city of New York dominated by the heat, this urban film show the weird and private side of some New Yorkers and even if it doesn’t properly manage to captivate the viewer it could be an engaging view for aspiring filmmakers and NYC lovers.

Vote: 5/10