How far would you go to get the house of your dreams? Ho-Cheung Pang’s “Dream Home” show us that you can go very far… It’s a bit of an insane movie, definitely won’t be appreciated by everyone, but if you are into this kind of genre, be prepared because this is a hell of a ride. As a story it may lacks of many things but if you’re in the mood for some weirdness and extreme Asian madness, Dream Home will entertain you big time. Features exceptionally creative killings and it shows a (maybe a bit exaggerate) wild portrait of a female psychopath. Probably the director’s intents were to create a movie where the action will be the main feature, forget about the plot because there are definitely better stories than this one but in terms of action, Dream Home is a madness killing galore, plenty of blood and slits, stabs, strangles and chocking, take this movie for what it is, a humorous satire of a woman who’s willing to do absolutely anything to get what she wants, if you can handle this it could be a fun watch.

Vote: 6/10