Rob Zombie’s “31” is about a group of hostages who are forced to play a very violent game (called “31”) in an isolated compound called “Murderworld”. The “players” must survive for 12 hours against the wrath of some weird clown-dressed maniacs. As you can expect from a Rob Zombie movie, this is gruesome, cruel and bloody, the directors’ obsession for hillbillies, mad clowns and Halloween is clearly portrayed as well in this feature, very well made with a spot-on soundtrack which fits perfectly the atmosphere. If you are a Zombie fan go on with this one and you won’t have anything to complain, but if you are not familiar with the director’ style of cinema you may find it a little odd than the average horror. Rob Zombie’ signature is evident all over the film, from the dialogues, costumes, location, fans of him will find 31 a very fun and entertaining watch but if you are going to watch this as a first time Rob Zombie’s feature, then you may don’t entirely agree with it. It has been already a long way since his first 2003 movie (“House of 1000 Corpses”) but it looks like there will be plenty more to come from this musician/filmmaker, who has now become a quite popular name in the horror genre.

Vote: 6/10