Unfortunately Branden Kramer’s “Ratter” fails in the attempt to be a scary story; it’s about a young girl who moves to the suburbia of New York and get hacked by a mysterious person via her computer, phone and all her other technologies. The story is nothing new but with the right ingredients could have become a tale with some creepiness or some engaging elements to entertain for the its 80 minutes length. Regrettably this isn’t happening with Ratter. The main problem with this movie is not the simplicity of the story and neither the slow budget with which it has been filmed, it’s because it never really manages to get interesting; there is not a real climax or some moments where the film evolves properly, the acting doesn’t help to rise the bar and neither is the soundtrack which is kind of annoying even if perhaps appropriate to the girl’s musical taste? To cut the story short, the interest created by the promotion of the movie fails to become reality and it makes another brick in the wall of pointless movies in the horror/thriller/suspense genres.

Vote: 4/10