“Audition” is probably the best movie made so far by prolific and eccentric director Takashi Miike, the story centers on a widower that with the help of a friend, organizes a fake audition for a fake movie with the intent of meeting a new wife. The story goes pretty slow for almost all the movie, until it reaches one of the most unforgettable and unexpected climax that you can get, but even before this moment this movie is always interesting and very well made, what it looks like a sort of drama/romance movie turns out to surprise you big time, expect some disturbing scenes because they will come, it’s a Takashi Miike’s film and if you know a bit the director’s style then you should be aware that there will be blood sooner or later. Not a movie for everyone, but on the other hand we are talking about a director who has his selected audience and does not makes mainstream cinema. The story leaves some room for your own personal interpretation, it’s overall an excellent film from the beginning to the end, the finale will stay in your mind for a while and perhaps will make you think twice before going to a date with a stranger.

Vote: 8/10