“13 Tzameti” is a French language movie by Georgian director Géla Babluani, if you haven’t see this title yet do not wait any longer, since this is easily one of the best thriller/suspense film produced in the last decade. It’s about a guy who gets involved in a dangerous clandestine game by following some instructions not aimed to him; shot in black and white this film could be considered more an art movie than a mainstream one. The action and the suspense are absolutely there but they are not shown to you straight away, the plot takes a bit of time before revealing what it is all about, and this is definitely a plus since 13 Tzameti is something to be enjoyed from beginning to end. A very solid Thriller cleverly directed and acted, avoid any spoilers if possible, more the story is unknown to you and more you will enjoy this French/Georgian feature, an independent gem that surprisingly hasn’t a remake yet. The content is a bit strong but only in the second part of the movie, recommended to anyone in search of a great story with some shocking elements.

Vote: 8/10