This Turkish film, originally titled “Uzak”, it’s about a photographer who’s facing an existential crisis after a divorce and receives the visit of his cousin, who came to Istanbul in search of a job and a new opportunity. As the days go by, a growing tension is tearing the two men apart, as we learn more about their characters and personalities; we discover much more about their fears, regrets and anxieties. This movie is a wonderful and ultra-realistic portrait of two people’s lives, beautifully shot and acted, with a fantastic photography and a slow but intense and interesting storyline. A different kind of movie, perhaps not for everybody and not for any day, filled with details and clever references to discover, Distant is a fabulous example of what cinema should look like, director Nuri Bilge Ceylan shows exceptional skills to tell this slow tale of everyday life. With clear references to masters as Andrei Tarkovsky and Ingmar Bergman, Distant is highly recommended for a night of more demanding cinema, when you feel to watch and analyze something with content, quality, aesthetics and a high level of realism this movie won’t disappoint you a bit, and it’s also nice, for a change, to watch something far from fantasy and unreality. Impressive.

Vote: 8/10