Robert Budreau’s “Born To Be Blue” is about a biographical period of Chet Baker’s career; it depicts the moment when the trumpeter, recovering from heroin addiction, was trying to be back in the scene after days of darkness and drug habits. Ethan Hawke is great in the role of Chet, even if it’s more portrayed as a man struggling with recovery than as the incredible talented musician as he was, but it’s also fair to say that it makes kind of sense, since this film is mainly focused on that aspect of Chet as a man instead of his music. But the music is of course present and it’s pretty good, the soundtrack cannot be bad but the surprise are the songs sang by Baker (is Ethan Hawke singing for real?), classics as My Funny Valentine and I’ve never been in love before are shown from the beginning to the end in the movie and even if they are not the originals (are they?), they preserve intact the softness and unique vibe that Baker’s music always had. Although the story is not entirely biographical but has some elements of fiction added to it, Born To Be Blue is a very well made film that it is credible in all aspects, features the characters of Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie who where very relevant to that moment in Chet’s life. This is a story that all Jazz fans should watch, considering also that movies on Jazz artists are rare and often not very well made, but this movie could be also enjoyed big time by everyone, even if you never heard of Chet Baker before, trust this film because it’s a fair and awesome portrait of a man and a time long gone.

Vote: 7/10