If a movie should be chosen between the many already made in the zombie genre, Zack Snyder’s would probably be the one. Inspired by the immortal classic with the same title directed by George Romero, Dawn of the Dead (2004) is a great action packed horror remake; we could call it remake because it adopt the same title than Romero’s but it’s not really a remake but much more a movie on its own. The first minutes of the movie are a perfect example of how horror should be, but also the rest of the movie reaches a very high level of intensity; well produced, acted and filled with exceptional scenes, great soundtrack and an astonishing finale, Dawn of the Dead (2004) is definitely not just another zombie movie. Visually strong with plenty of special effects and gallons of fake blood used, this film is obviously aimed for horror fans only, there is no real point on telling what the story is about since it’s a zombie movie and you know what is going to happen. A movie designated to stand out in this particular subgenre for many years to come, a modern masterpiece which has as a only flaw the fact to not be original, but apart for that it’s a superb feature, hard to beat in the Z universe.

Vote: 8/10