It may not sound too appealing another movie shot almost entirely as a found footage about a group of friends who go to a vacation in Formentera and they discover a dark cave that of course decided to explore, but Alfredo Montero’s “La Cueva” apart for having a quite banal storyline is a good surprise in the genre, ultra realistic and with great scenarios (mainly one), this Spanish movie is very entertaining and well made despite its low budget; to be avoided at all cost for those who suffer of claustrophobia because the story, as you may have predicted already, get pretty nasty toward the end. It’s a relatively short film, almost don’t reach the 90 minutes, but it doesn’t need a second more for telling this scary tale which totally works at all effects. With clear references to “The Descent” and many other similarities, La Cueva is a very entertaining movie that hardly will disappoint the viewer, the story can be predicted almost entirely but there are maybe a couple of unexpected surprises along the way. An independent and quite unknown feature that turn out to be surprisingly effective and creepy.

Vote: 6/10