A detective investigates on a case of a young woman who has been abused by, from what it seems, a satanic cult. This movie plays a lot with the mystery of what has really happen and it is fair to say that work quite well. Despite several bad reviews this film had almost everywhere, “Regression” is not as bad as it has been depicted, actually (but maybe it’s just an opinion) doesn’t really have moments where the story gets boring or pointless, it’s a more than a decent film and it makes sense at the end; it’s definitely not the best movie by Alejandro Amenábar and if you want to compare it with his greatest works, “Open your eyes” or “The Others”, then it’s true, we are on different planets, but Regression as a movie on its own it’s a nice and entertaining view, not too scary and neither disturbing, which make the film more suitable to a wider audience. Recommended for fans of thriller, mystery and mild horror movies, Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson are playing their roles quite convincing and there are few moments where you may get few scares from the plot. To be watched without too many expectations but it’s a Amenábar’s feature and it deserves a chance.

Vote: 6/10