Originally titled “Kim Bok-nam salinsageonui jeonmal”, Bedevilled is a fascinating and very brutal tale of nasty revenge, shot in a beautiful scenario of a lonesome island, this South Korean movie has a slow but truly interesting pace for more than a half of the feature, until it gets darker, stronger and unforgivable bloody. The story centers on a woman named Hae-won who is living and working in Seoul, one day after witnessing an attempt murder and after few troubles at work she decides to take a vacation to the remote, undeveloped and mysterious Moodo Island, which she has visited as a child and where she befriended a girl called Bok-nam. Despite the many years gone by since her visit, Bok-nam kept writing letters to her. Once in the island Hae-won is shocked to see that her childhood friend is treated as a slave by men and humiliated by women, Bok-nam who has a child on the island asks to Hae-won help to leave the island, then things get complicated and weirder and turn Hae-won little vacation in a living nightmare. Bedevilled is a fantastic movie, almost perfect in all its aspects, but destined to fans of the genre only. Highly disturbing, this films deals with complicate and very unpleasant topics, fits perfectly in the South Korean wave of extreme cinema released in the last decade and it is visually marvelous and sinister, the tension grows slowly during the plot before open it up completely in the last 20 minutes or so. A fabulous film extremely recommended to horror and Asian cinema fans, something you won’t forget easily, a top class shocker.

Vote: 8/10