Andrew Neel’s “Goat” tells the story of a young guy who has to face a tough initiation to join the college’s fraternity where also his brother belongs. With almost a full cast in their twenties, Goat shows the dark side of the student life, made of parties, drugs and bullying. Visually effective and well acted, this film plays a lot with the tension between the characters but unfortunately manages to develop completely as it should have. When the movie it’s over you are left with a sense of incomplete, like something is missing in the story; also the violence and the wickedness of the fraternity it may be a bit exaggerate, even if being a film allows the tale to go a bit out the reality. Overall a nice watch, definitely you won’t get bored but if your expectations are high after seeing the trailer and reading the synopsis, there is a chance that this movie could somehow disappoint you a little bit. Features a cameo with James Franco, this tale of abuse and power is perhaps not a memorable story but a pretty decent one if you like the subject.

Vote: 6/10