A young boy experiences strange visions when lights are out, are they visions or real? The story goes deeper as we learn that the strange occurrences have been experienced also by his sister and mother; without revealing too much, “Lights Out” is a well made horror/thriller with a pleasant pace, few jump scares and a plot enjoyable to follow. Sandberg’s new movie works pretty much on all aspects, even without managing to stand out as a masterpiece, it’s another good production in the genre, without the need of any gory effects, this film manages to deliver few scares playing with a very old subject; the dark. The soundtrack and the background sound effects work well in combination with the images and the acting is solid, the story isn’t that new but it is able to keep you inside until the end, so who cares if is not that original? A scary movie who plays with the lights and the dark it’s may be an old subject but until it works, it’s well made and it manages also to be a bit scary, there are no reason to complain about it. An ideal choice for a night of enjoyment, preferably with the lights out.

Vote: 6/10