A mysterious woman travels into Scotland trying to seduce lonely men, this is the main input for the plot of Jonathan Glazer’s “Under the Skin”, a totally great mystery/horror movie that is told in a very slow and intriguing pace that keep you wondering what is happening until the last minutes of the movie. Shot in the beautiful landscapes of Scotland this film is a visual treat, an eerie soundtrack is completing a truly great work of a different cinema; an artistic film that may won’t be loved by everyone but that undoubtedly will fascinate those who can appreciate its content and the way how the story has been told. Despite the very simple dialogues and long moments of silence, this movie plays a lot with the mystery of the woman which slowly will embark a journey to self-discovery and will keep the viewer guessing about how the plot will evolve. An innovative role for main actress Scarlett Johansson who is surprisingly good despite the few words spoken during all the film. To be discovered and to be enjoyed with even more than one viewing, overall a beautiful work that definitely deserves a chance and stands out in the last few years releases as a piece of charming and captivating great cinema.

Vote: 7/10