Sang-ho Yeon’s “Train to Busan”, originally titled “Busanhaeng”, is yet another but great example in the zombie genre movies. With some drama elements this South Korean film is a brilliant ride into the flesh-eaters world, the scenario chosen it’s a train that travels from Seoul to Busan; a divorced workaholic father is travelling with his young daughter in this fast train to Busan, where the child was supposed to meet her mother. Will this train ever reach Busan? Highly enjoyable, with a twist of humor, Train to Busan is a fantastic feature with lot of action and a very intriguing story, the way zombies are portrayed in this film is not the classic one where they walk slowly but a more modern one where the zombies really run fast and are aggressive as hell. Imagine all that in a limited space scenario as a train, there are also shots from outside the carriage but mainly the big part of the action happens inside. Undoubtedly the latest productions of South Korean movies are quite impressive and Train to Busan confirms this factor, this is a brilliant film aimed for those who love the zombie genre, those who love the horror genre and those who love the asian extreme cinema. A great view, if zombies movies are like this one they are absolutely welcome, even if the subject is old as the world. Highly recommended.

Vote: 7/10