Three burglars break into a mysterious house in a isolated neighborhood where an ex-military blind man lives and where he’s supposed to have a big amount of cash hidden. What it seems as an easy job turns out to be a very challenging mission, will the three young thieves succeed in their intent? Fede Alvarez’s “Don’t Breathe” is a fantastic and so well made thriller which involves elements of horror; a simple but great story where the viewer won’t be able to get away from the plot since the beginning, with a relatively small cast and shot mainly in the dark, this little gem is a pure delight for the fans of the genre, a great performance by Stephen Lang as “The Blind Man” and an even greatest by his loyal dog. A movie which could be appreciate also outside from the horror genre, if you are looking for a simple but very tense thriller Don’t Breathe won’t disappoint your expectations, definitely one of the most exciting movie recently released, the second full length feature by Fede Alvarez after the 2013 remake of “Evil Dead”, worth to keep on eye on this young director that has also co-written the story, seriously recommended.

Vote: 8/10