Vincent Masciale’s “Fear, Inc.” it’s about a horror fanatic who after trying various haunted houses experiences and not getting the thrill, decides to contact a mysterious company called Fear, Inc. This company is offering a customized ultimate scare package, where the customer will be exposed to an unforgettable experience of fear. How far they will go to scare this particular client? In between an horror movie and a comedy, with plenty of unreal situations, this movie is quite well made and effective, overall a satisfying view if don’t expect too much, and in this particular case you shouldn’t. Vincent Masciale takes references from the most known horror films and the final result is a movie with a decent pace who offers few scares and also few laughs. If you like the genre and you are looking for something “light” to watch, where you don’t have to think too much, then Fear, Inc. could be the right choice. Filled with several twists, some predictable, some not, this story, which takes place on Halloween night, is nothing new and nothing memorable but it is able to keep the viewer into the plot and to entertain for all its duration, don’t ask too many questions and enjoy for what it is.

Vote: 6/10