It’s a shame that the majority of movies made so far about boxing are all a bit predictable and Antoine Fuqua’s “Southpaw” is no exception. The story centers on lightweight champion Billy Hope, apart from the fighting scenes which are plenty and well made, this film has some drama elements too and shows the “father” side of the boxer as well and his everyday life with wife and daughter, but unfortunately the story is too easy to guess since the beginning and there are not real surprises. Beautifully shot and very well acted (great performance by Jake Gyllenhaal as Billy Hope) this 2 hours movie is a nice watch if you like the genre but doesn’t add anything new, perhaps it moves too fast from the scene of the training to the fighting, making it entertaining and easy to follow but also lacking of a proper structure of the characters who are a bit hollow and way too simple. Among the cast we find also rapper 50 Cents, Forest Whitaker and Miguel Gomez (seen in the TV serie “The Strain”) as Hope’s big rival Miguel Escobar. Give it a try if you like this kind of films but leave some expectations at home since you will easily guess what will happen without too much effort.

Vote: 6/10