“Enter The Void” is another dark and depressing film by shocking director Gaspar Noé, a long movie that is often quite painful to watch and despite its very artistic and stylish content is another big downer by the director of “Irreversible”. We have a pretty simple story, it’s about an American drug dealer who lives with his sister in Tokyo. One day the drug dealer got shot in a club by the police and die (not a spoiler since it happen almost at the very beginning of the movie); from here on the film keeps going from the point of view of his “soul”, which is floating over his body to watch the people he left behind. It’s all mixed with memories and hallucinations, from the birth to the death, past is mixed with the present and so it’s this movie, an intricate labyrinth of stunning cinematography, neon lights and crazy combination of colors and trippy visual images. It’s not an easy film but none of Noé’s are and it is for sure an audience divider, some people will love it while some other won’t get the point, it’s undeniable a work of a master but cannot and won’t be a movie for everyone. Overall a strong and not easy to forget experience aimed to those who knows the director’s work and to those in search of a different kind of cinematography, be aware, this hurts.

Vote 7/10