Patrick Brice’s “Creep” is a very weird film of the found footage genre with only two actors, one of them performed by the director himself. The story centers on a filmmaker who reply to a one-day filming job in a isolated place on the mountains. The job consists on making a video/documentary on the client himself, who is a pretty weird character, but this is just the beginning, as every minutes goes by, this strange movie gets weirder and weirder. It maybe more a psychological thriller than a proper horror but has plenty of creepiness and absurd situations, overall it’s fair to say that despite many other similar and uninteresting movies made on the same genre, Creep really works and it is a highly enjoyable experience to watch. Features the fictional character of “Peachfuzz”, who can give you few creeps or few laughs, or maybe both. It’s a different found footage movie and it totally deserves to be noticed, it has a lot of dark humor as well and despite the odd situations portrayed in the film, it’s quite realistic and well acted. A different one that can scare and amuse you at the same time.

Vote: 7/10