If you are not familiar with the “Black Metal” scene, you should now that there is a trend in Norway of bands playing that particular style, bands as Darkthrone, Immortal, Burzum, etc. are some of the most “famous” names in that particular genre that often involves a look with painted faces, bare chested musicians who play odd shaped guitars and take their pictures on frosty mountains. Ragnar Bragason’s “Metalhead”, originally titled “Málmhaus” is  an Icelandic film that take reference to that particular genre of music but that is not specifically about the music, it’s more a drama that tells the story of a young girl that after a family loss releases her grief by getting involved in the passion of the person she has lost, which is exactly the Black Metal music. Shot in a isolated and fantastic Icelandic landscape, this film has a slow pace but an interesting story, it is quite realistic and well made but perhaps doesn’t really make any point, it’s just another story, and a pretty depressing one, of grief and how to deal with it. But at least the plot is based on something not very common, interesting to watch more for the landscapes and filming techniques than for the story itself, strange and weird ending, but few interesting parts during its length, overall a pretty decent work of foreign cinema.

Vote: 6/10