Two men, led by a guide, travel across a desolate and mysterious landscape to reach an area called “The Zone”, where they expect to find a “room” where wishes become true. Starting from the fact that Andrei Tarkovsky’s “Stalker” is a difficult film to interpret totally at the first view, as his other works this is a feature that need a “special attention” and it is definitely not suitable for any day. Find the appropriate moment and then witness with your own eyes how cinema can amaze you; Stalker is probably the masterpiece by this Russian director and it is a film that challenges the viewer and let him have his own interpretation and meaning of the story itself. A movie that deals with philosophy, psychology, mystery, art, hope, desire, fear and believes and it is presented with breathtaking images, eerie sounds, and a landscape in between dream and reality, it has an extremely slow pace and leaves plenty of room to analyze what is visually represented. An art film and a very difficult one, perhaps with some inconsistency if you really want to find some negative aspects but under the visually and artistic side this is a classic piece of work hard to beat, a very challenging and mesmerizing  example of cinema.

Vote: 8/10