Alejandro González Iñárritu is a great film director and he will probably make lots of great films but his 2000’s “Amores Perros” is definitely his “Mona Lisa”. Three stories intersect in this fast pacing feature, where the three segments have in common, over the fact to become a one tale at a certain point of the movie, “Love” as a theme and the way how turns painfully on the characters of the story. Brutal, raw and ultra realistic, Amores Perros is arguably one of the greatest example of world cinema ever made, impossible to get out from the tale once you’ve started watching it, this drama/thriller is undoubtedly one of the finest production in the history of Mexican cinema, it has a strong content and it could affects the sensitivity of some viewers, but the story as it as been told shows fabulous directing skills by Iñárritu, well combined with high class acting, especially the performance by Gael Garcia Bernal; it’s quite difficult to say which of the three segments is best, they all are very strong in terms of storyline and in the way they are visually represented, it’s the combination of the three who make Amores Perros the great feature that it is. Highly recommended to anyone, except maybe not for dog lovers.

Vote: 9/10