James Watkins’ “Eden Lake” is one truly terrifying British horror film which take places in an idyllic scenario and tells the story of a couple on a weekend break in an apparently peaceful lake location, until they have to deal with a group of teenagers and with the consequences of it. What it starts as a romantic story turns out pretty quickly in a dark nightmare, filled with very graphical and painful-to-watch violence, this film is brilliantly made but also very disturbing, an hardcore horror which has no pity on the viewer and tells the tale raw and nasty with the intent of shocking the audience. Suitable for only those who can handle dark and strong horror movies, don’t let the first half of the movie fool you, what it looks like an intense thriller turns quickly and badly into a frightening and unsettling feature which can have an uneasy impact on your viewing experience, there are not elements or supernatural aspects, but what it is really scary in this film it’s the violence (psychological and graphical) portrayed in the story, for those who enjoy heavy content in the horror genre, this is a fantastic ride that will entertain, scare and make you think how badly a banal situation could turn, not easy to forget.

Vote: 8/10