“Force Majeure”, originally titled “Turist” is a Swedish film by director Ruben Östlund, despite not being a very popular movie, Force Majeure is a fantastic drama with some black comedy elements about a family on a ski holiday in the French Alps. On the second day of the holiday the family witness and experience an avalanche falling right before their eyes, the father’s reaction to this episode will question the integrity of the family’s value and his role as a father. It may sound as a catastrophic movie but we are very far from it, Force Majeure is a story about what could be the impulsive reaction in front of danger, put into question morality and responsibilities as an individual towards the loved ones, a story that examines the role of the father, with very witty and straight-to–the-point dialogues and great and credible acting. Told over 6 days of holidays, this dark drama makes you think about what you would do in a similar situation, and the instinctive answer it may be not the same as the instinctive action. It combines a classical soundtrack with some machinery noise from the mountain resort and the result it is quite interesting, but this is also a movie that could piss a lot of people off because if we dig deeper into the story we find few inconsistencies, few irrelevant episodes and few other that haven’t been developed as it should, feels like the subplots of the main story have been taken with superficiality; visually speaking this movie is great, the Blu-ray version of it has a fabulous print, and the scenario chosen is indeed breathtaking and spectacular. As many other foreign and “artistic” movies, this one as well has long shots where nothing happened, dull moments of silence but all it is somehow fitting within the story and with the way it has been told, overall this is a feature that deals with not a very common subject and it is often uncomfortable to watch but if you are looking for a movie that makes you think and question, then Force Majeure is highly recommended, different and shameless, a good one.

Vote: 7/10