Ki-duk Kim’s “Bad Guy” is an eccentric and strange movie which fits perfectly the standards of the director’s other works, it’s about a weird and bad guy who after been rejected by a girl plans something very horrible to her to take his revenge, basically since he’s a kind of “pimp”, he turns her into a prostitute after putting her in a dramatic situation where she has to pay off a debt. It may doesn’t makes any sense and somehow it’s a bit the same in the movie, you will find yourself asking why certain things are happening, this film has a pretty odd storyline and many pieces don’t fit into the final picture. Visually it’s very well filmed but it has a very slow pace and often the developments of the story are not very interesting. It may need more than a view to understand properly what the director intended to do with this South Korean drama that apart from offering some nice images, offers also a tale where the viewer never really get totally involved since it is very hard to believe that the events narrated in the film could go that way. Get even weirder with the soundtrack, some unknown cheesy Italian pop songs that don’t really fit into the story, overall this movie leaves the spectator with a sense of disorientation, what is really happening here? Graphically is not that violent, especially if you compare with other South Korean productions, but the story has some nasty turns, perhaps all the meaning of this feature are in Ki-duk Kim’s mind and there are not easy to get for the viewer, this film is definitely kind of confusing but it also has some interesting aspects that keep you watching it until the end, if you dig the style of Ki-duk Kim’s cinema then you should give to Bad Guy a chance, otherwise there are probably more exciting choices than this one.

Vote: 5/10